Your Organization is Only as Good As Your Team
Build a Culture of Success with eSolutionsGroup's Recruit Right

At the core of every business is the desire to build a culture of success. Your success depends on your people culture:

  • Hiring the best people to represent your organization and its unique products and services; and
  • Your team's synergy of talent and skills that can empower your organization to a whole new level.

eSolutionsGroup's Recuit Right streamlines your recruitment and hiring processes so you can focus on what matters to your organization. From pre-screening job applicants to securing acceptances, Recruit Right tracks your hiring process so you can find the best talent to suit your organization’s needs.

Build a Culture of Success
  • Streamline your recruitment process
  • Generate summary reports for job postings and applicant details
  • Track metrics throughout the hiring process
  • Easy-to-use interface

Build the Best Team
  • Applicants can upload cover letters, résumés & portfolios
  • Track applicant details- pre-screening questions, interview dates, references, offer letters, acceptance dates
  • Prescreen applicants - create custom questions for specific jobs, save to library for future reference & flag disqualified responses in the backend
  • Export qualified applicant data into Microsoft Excel or .cvs for follow-up
  • Customize email responses to candidates per job posting

Focus on What Matters
  • Streamline recruitment processes and maintain a repository of job applicants
  • Create question groups pertaining to each job posting - assign questions to groups, a single question to multiple groups or add groups of questions to a job posting
  • Customize job listings by title, reference number, open/close dates, number of openings, category, department/division, education, description, responsibility, attachments, etc.
  • Applicants can search current career opportunities by defined categories

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